Haunted Kids Series...

Many people, including kids, claim they have seen ghosts in all sorts of places like cemeteries, bedrooms, attics, schools, roadways, forests and caves. In many cases, experts were called in to investigate these so-called hauntings. Usually the experts walked away baffled. All they knew for sure was that something weird had happened that could not be fully explained.

Each book in the Haunted Kids series is a creepy collection of eerie tales based on, or inspired, in part, by real-life cases taken from the files of noted ghost hunters.

Do ghosts really exist? You might think so after reading the spooky stories in the Haunted Kids series.

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We're Here: True Tales of Alien Encounters

By Allan Zullo

Are we humans the only intelligent beings in the universe? If we're not, who are the others? Where are they? Have they visited Earth? Have they made contact with some of us? Throughout the world, people from all walks of life have claimed they have experienced close encounters with UFOs and aliens from other planets. Kids have reported incredible incidents in which aliens terrorized them or even kidnapped them for a few horrifying hours. Other kids say they have made contact with friendly aliens who claim they want to help save our planet. This book contains seven eerie stories based, in part, on cases taken directly from the files of noted experts who investigate UFO encounters. Are we alone? After reading this book, you be the judge.

Item number 538707

The Haunted GraveyardThe Haunted Graveyard

As a lark, two teenagers broke into a tomb late one night only to experience the most terrifying night of their lives… A boy and a girl heard eerie crying inside a cave and when they went to find the source, they uncovered a chilling secret… While putting on her makeup, a teenage girl stared into the mirror and shrieked in horror at what she saw. These are just some of the many spine-chilling stories you'll find in this scary book.

Item Number 00902849

Haunted Baby-SittersHaunted Baby-Sitters

While baby-sitting, Sara heard strange fiddle music in an empty attic. She later learned who had lived--and died--in the house years before. Another baby-sitter discovered that strange scribbles on a notepad were actually a form of shorthand writing from beyond the grave that revealed an eerie family mystery. These and many more bizarre stories are featured in this book.

Item Number 00988617

Haunted ShortstopThe Haunted Shortstop

This is a creepy collection of stories about athletes who have been haunted by ghosts on the baseball diamond, football gridiron, basketball court and the soccer field. Among the chilling stories: a boy whose baseball glove was haunted, the girls' soccer team who practiced on a field built on an old family burial ground, the basketball player who received advice from a ghost.

Item Number 00988618

Totally Haunted Kids Totally Haunted Kids

The Desk of Evil... The Haunted Playhouse... The Pond of Death... The Phantom Prankster... The Funeral Home Ghost. These are just some of the gripping stories you will find in this spooky collection of eerie experiences that happened to young people who will never forget their encounters with the supernatural.

Item Number 00979212

Haunted Kids: True Ghost Stories Haunted Kids

The first in the series, this book contains 11 chilling stories of young people who were haunted by ghosts — some friendly, some not so friendly. Among the stories: Grave Consequences, The Headless Trainman, the Secret of Room 333, The Thing in the Attic and The Warning.

Item Number 00968059

More Haunted Kids More Haunted Kids

Some kids claim they have the bizarre powers to read another person's mind, predict the future, send and receive messages by thought alone, see the invisible, or pick up psychic vibrations from everyday objects. Some insist they have floated outside their body or have lived in a past life. The weird experiences featured in these stories defy explanation.

Item Number 00988616

Haunted Teachers Haunted Teachers

Featured in this book are spooky accounts of phantoms — especially ghostly teachers — who have haunted teachers and students in the classroom, on the playground and at home. Among the stories: Curse of the Egyptian Bone, Dead Man's Shadow, Time of Death, and The Mysterious Tapper.

Item Number 00968060

Haunted Schools Haunted Schools

In this book are bizarre accounts of kids encountering phantoms in big new schools, old one-room schoolhouses and fancy academies. Among the stories: The Kissing Ghost of Rosemont Academy; Screams of Horror, Cries of Terror; The Phantom Graduate and the Scene-Stealer.

Item Number 00968200

Haunted Campers Haunted Campers

This book offers spine-tingling accounts of young people who encountered ghosts in the woods, on the trails, by the campfire, and even in their tents. Among the stories: Beware the Serpent, Cry of the Banshee, The Rebel Ghosts, The Ghosts of Moorehaven Bridge and The Skull of Leaping Buffalo.

Item Number 00975897

Haunted Animals Haunted Animals

Here is a spooky collection of stories about kids who claim to have encountered spirits from the animal world — including pet dogs, a loving cat, a wild horse and a vengeful wolf. Among the stories: The Tell-Tale Bones, Bingo's Secret, The Haunting Vengeance, and Rescue from the Beyond.

Item Number 00968058

America's Most Haunted: True Scary Places America's Most Haunted:
True Scary Places

Where are the creepiest places in America? That question was put to experts in various fields of paranormal phenomena. Based on their opinions, this book features ten places from all parts of the country that are guaranteed to give you the creeps—from a North Carolina mountain where bizarre balls of light dance and dart at night to a Florida town where more UFOs are sighted than anywhere else in the country.

Item Number 00979213

America's Most Haunted:
True Scary Creatures

America's Most Haunted: True Scrary CreaturesDo strange monsters really exist in America? Most scientists say it's not likely. But believers point to interesting evidence such as eyewitness accounts, unexplained footprints, photographs of unidentified animals, and audiotapes of unknown beastly sounds—all of which defy the understanding of current science. After reading accounts in this book of such creatures as Lizard Man, Champ, Momo, and Whitey, among others, you can make up your own mind.

Item Number 00979214

Weird But True Tales

Although this book doesn't feature any ghosts, it still has plenty of eerie stories — ones about incredible coincidences, strange twists of fate, unbelievable luck or wondrous happenings of serendipity.

For example: A high school girl named Jackie suffered a broken leg in a skiing accident. In the hospital, several nurses mistook her for someone else. Jackie was stunned beyond belief when she discovered why... Gusting winds forced a hot-air balloonist to land in the yard of a young woman who he had never seen before. When the balloonist introduced himself, the woman was astonished because she had a ring that he had lost years earlier... Katie was putting her horse away in the barn. But several small mishaps prevented her from going into the barn's loft. To her shock, she eventually discovered that those "accidents" saved her life. (This book was previously published as Could It Be True?.)

Item Number: 00512945

The audio version of Haunted Kids
read by John Ratzenberger

You'll hear a collection of 11 creepy tales inspired by real-life cases taken from the files of noted ghost hunters. The stories come from Allan Zullo's first book in his popular Haunted Kids series and are read by actor John Ratzenberger, who gained international fame as the character Cliff in the TV show Cheers. During more than three decades of movie making, the Emmy-nominated actor has done the voice of characters on many hit animated films including Toy Story, Monsters, Finding Nemo, Cars and Up

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